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Youth activity

Young women GAA playersThe PTAA has as one of its key concerns, the issue of youth and alcohol and addresses the issue in two ways:

  1. School’s program
  2. Program of youth activities

PTAA School’s program

The PTAA speak to thousands of students in hundreds of schools nationwide every year.  This educational programme, which is offered to schools free of charge, addresses the benefits of staying alcohol and drug free as well as the reasons why young people should join the pioneers.

Students are invited to take the pioneer pledge until 18 and to keep off illicit drugs for life. The local Pioneer centre follows up with those students who are interested in membership and they are then are able to partake in the association’s competitions held at different times throughout the calendar year.

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Program of Young Pioneer events

The cultural demands within our society makes it difficult for adolescents to withstand the peer pressure surrounding the issues of alcohol and drug abuse. The Pioneer Association responds to this challenge by offering adolescents the opportunity to enjoy life in a healthy way and the prospect to develop their characters in preparation for adult life.

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Please note that the Board of Management of the Pioneer Association decided in September 2010 to suspend all pioneer activities relating to its under 18 members. This suspension is still active.