Pioneer magazine

mag 250x150Now in its sixty-ninth year, Pioneer magazine is a favorite in many families. With articles on Spirituality, personalities, short stories, a crossword and games, there is something to appeal to everyone. Below find some of the recent articles and some of the highlights from the past.

Becoming a Pioneer

I became a pioneer at the age of sixteen. They told me I would have to drink beer when I went to Africa as a missionary, but I found out when I went there it was not the case. Anyway, I was a lapsed Pioneer for many years, but I always had in mind to take it up again later.

Pastor of Millions

An immaculately dressed man in clerical attire strode down the street. When he met a young boy ambling along, he asked the boy why he was not at school.

To Give and not to count the cost

The remarkable Service of Fr. Luis Riuz, SJ

Just three months ago, Fr. Damien, the Apostle of the Lepers, was canonised by Pope Benedict XVI. This heroic priest had devoted a huge part of his life to caring for the lepers of Molokai, the literal outcasts of the state of Hawaii. Now, another priest, despite infirmity and venerable old age, is replicating his work in another part of the world.


The murder of 21, 857 Polish Officers and intellectuals, a war crime covered up by Russia, Britain, and the US for 50 years, was called “the worst single unpunished crime in history”, reports Paul Hurley, SVD

Maurice Davin - First President of the GAA

The art of Gaelic football would not exist, as we know it today, were it not that a native of Carrick-on-Suir instituted new rules for the game some 124 years ago. That Maurice Davin must be acclaimed as the father of modern Gaelic football cannot be refuted, writes SEAN UA CEARNAIGH

The Wall Street Crash

The Wall street Crash occurred 80 years ago this month. This and the Depression it caused led to massive unemployment worldwide – and to the rise of Hitler’s Nazis.

Mice and Men - Who moved my cheese?

This article will attempt to address facing change and the constant need for  it in our lives. I was prompted in this direction after reading a book called ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ which a friend had given to me. This little book, which, for most people, takes probably less than an hour to read, is credited with having changed many people’s lives – among them leading broadcasters and others very successful in their careers.

The Curé of Ars

“MY young friend,” said Mgr Courbon, the vicar-general, “we are appointing you Curé of Ars. It’s a small parish, where there’s not much love of God. You will make it grow there.”

June 09: Abraham Lincoln

Born 200 years ago, America’s most popular President, a lapsed Catholic, was assassinated in a Washington theatre six days after the Civil War ended, writes Paul Hurley, SVD

May09: The curious case of Dr. Conan Doyle

Born of Irish parents in Edinburgh 150 years ago this month, he is best remembered, writes Paul Hurley, SVD, as the creator of Sherlock Holmes.

April 09: The Messiah’s Handel

Paul Hurley, SVD, recalls the “deeply religious German genius” whose masterpiece was first performed in Dublin and who died 250 years ago this month

March 09: Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh

Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh, one of our most popular broadcasters, and his wife Helen, now live in Meath, on the border with Kildare. This leaves him within striking distance of the Capital as well as providing speedy access to Ireland's main arterial roads. This way, Micheal, father of eight and now a sprightly grandfather of many more, is well placed to set out on his frequent journeys to the four corners of the country and further afield where he promotes the many and varied good causes he has taken to heart. He took time off from his busy schedule to talk to Pioneer magazine.

Jan 04: The fall and rise of the Christian family

Fr. Micheál Mac Gréil, SJ

It is not unusual today to read commentaries on modern society by otherwise very intelligent writers which fail to grasp the central role of the human family in the maintenance and quality of life of the people.

Dec 08: The Legacy of Fr. Cullen

Bernard J. McGuckian, SJ

One of the best known and loved periodicals in Ireland is the Messenger of the Sacred Heart. Its red cover has been a prominent feature. of life in countless thousands of homes since it came into existence 120 years ago this year.

Sept 07: Avoiding commitment

Luison Lassala 

Why do young people today give a wide berth to life-time commitments? Getting a group of youngsters to commit to an activity is a real challenge. Anyone who runs an educational establishment for teens can attest to this.

Feb 09: Fasting

Paul Andrews, S.J.

Like fish on Friday, fasting has changed its flavour over the years. Many would now look on fish as a special treat, not a penance. Likewise fasting can be an indulgence, even a dangerous indulgence, rather than a good work.