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  • What it means to be a Pioneer – click here to read reflections from Pioneers
  • Pioneer magazine – for many inspiring articles from the magazine, click here

Books and videos of help

  • Pledged for Life – by Fr Bernard McGuckian SJ
  • The Sacred Heart of Jesus: Yesterday, Today, Forever - Bernard Haring
  • The Sacred Heart studied in the Sacred Scriptures – Henri Saitrain
  • Devotion to the Sacred Heart: Its theology, history and philosophy – Joseph Julius Charles Petrovits
  • Video on the Sacred Heart – Fr Bernard McGuckian SJ

Websites of help

Sacred Space proposes five steps or stages of prayer beginning with becoming aware of the Presence of God. Realising that we are beheld by God with love and joy is a starting point for the time to be spent in prayer.
There follows a prayer for Freedom. As Pioneers, we pray for those who are trapped by destructive habits. Here we quietly become aware of any ways in which we may have surrendered our own freedom by settling for anything that may be less than the vision that God has for us.
A prayer-stage named Consciousness presents an opportunity to look honestly at the movements of feelings over the last day, praying that we recognise better where God has been present in the ordinary events.
The daily scripture usually the same as heard at mass is presented as The Word. Here we listen attentively for what God might be saying to us, availing of an inspiration point if we find ourselves stuck. In Conversation we speak to Jesus, as friend to friend, openly and confidently about what has arisen in the course of the prayer.

Other parts of the site may help us to focus prayer: the Chapel of Intentions shows prayers from others and reading the Feedback page is often inspiring.


  • Sacred Space
  • http://www.sacredspace.ie


  • Feedback
  • http://www.sacredspace.ie/en/feedback


  • Chapel of Intentions
  • http://www.sacredspace.ie/chapel/intentions.php