Reminder Notice to Leinster Pioneers

The PTAA’s  Head Office would like to remind all Leinster-based Pioneers of their provincial conference which takes place at 10am on Saturday 7 November next at the Hazel Hotel, Co. Kildare.

PTAA at the Ploughing Championships

The PTAA manned an information stand at the 2009 Ploughing Championships. The show attracted 80,000 visitors a day to Athy, Co.Kildare from 22-24 September last.

Heroic Offering - Homily

Heroic Offering Celebrations
St Peter’s Cathedral, Belfast
Fr. Raymond McCullagh

27th September 2009

Fr Anthony de Mello tells the story of a lifeboat station that was once set up on the east coast of America. It was established by local residents who wanted to help save lives in a part of a world where shipwrecks were common.

HSE - Recommendation for Drinking Guidelines

HSE launches 'A Standard Drink in Ireland:What strength?'to provide public information on the alcohol strength of various drinks.

Pioneer Response to HSE Recommendations

Commenting on the HSE report 'A Standard Drink in Ireland: What strength?' to provide public information on the alcohol strength of various drinks” Padraig Brady, PTAA CEO said:

National Ploughing Championships 2009

The PTAA will host a stand at the 2009 National Ploughing Championships in Cardenton, Athy, Co. Kildare from 22nd-24th September.

120th Anniversary of Heroic Offering


Bishop Anthony Farquhar, auxiliary Bishop of Down and Connor, will lead the Pioneer Total Abstinence Association’s (PTAA’s)  celebrations of the 120th anniversary of its Heroic Offering at St Peter’s Cathedral, Belfast on Sunday 27 September 2009.

Knock Pilgrimage - Homily

Pioneer Annual Pilgrimage to Knock
July 19th 2009

Homily by Bishop Eamonn Walsh

No one could accuse Our Lady of being anti-alcohol. She launched Jesus’ Public life at the marriage feast of Cana. The deeper message of that gospel lies in the truth; every person or thing Jesus touches he changes for the better.

Pioneer Pilgrimage to Knock Shrine

The Pioneer and Total Abstinence Association (PTAA) and the Matt Talbot Group will hold their joint national annual pilgrimage to Knock, Co. Mayo on Sunday 19 July next.

EWTN Interview - Fr. Bernard McGuckian, SJ

I was delighted to have the opportunity to tell Fr. Mitch Pacwa about the Pioneer Association on EWTN live. I’m glad you have taken the time to visit our site.