More Thinking, Less Drinking

Pioneers Issue their “More Thinking, Less Drinking,” Message for Good Friday

The Pioneer Total Abstinence Association’s (PTAA’s) “More Thinking, Less Drinking” Good Friday message is being offered to people countywide as part of the ongoing Pioneer 2010 Lenten campaign which encouraged people to reflect on their relationship with alcohol during Lent.

Lenten Pledge

Thinking of taking the pledge for lent?

Non-Pioneers are invited to take the Short-Term Pledge for the duration of Lent.

Conditions for enrolment are:

  1. To abstain from all intoxicating drink
  2. To recite the Prayer twice daily
  3. To wear the Pioneer emblem

Pioneers Lenten Call

Minister Backs Pioneers’ 2010 Lenten Call: Drink Less Alcohol, Research Shows 147% Increase in Hospital Discharges with Alcohol-related Liver Disease

Tomorrow,  Ash Wednesday (17 February 2010), the Pioneers launch their 2010 Lenten campaign and will call on people to drink less alcohol during Lent and to think about their drinking habits.     

Drink less this lent 2010

Temperance Sunday Call from Pioneers : Drink Less Alcohol this Lent

On Temperance Sunday (14 February 2010) the Pioneers will launch their 2010 Lenten campaign  and will call on people to think about their relationship with drink and to drink less alcohol during Lent.

Temperance Sunday 2010

On Temperance Sunday, 14th February 2010, a mass will be celebrated by Fr. Bernard McGuckian, SJ, Central Spiritual Director of the Pioneer Association, in St. Francis Xavier's Church, Gardiner Street, Dublin 1. There will be a presentation ceremony of Pioneer Pins and Certificates to those pioneers who qualify.

Mayo Man’s Pioneering Efforts in South Africa

Mayo man Muredach Tuffy recently returned from South Africa where he was  quite literally building homes for and links with members of South Africa’s community.

Pioneer Pilgrimage to Oberammergau

Fighting the scourges of war, poverty and the plague, the villagers of Oberammergau vowed to stage a passion play every ten years if God spared the small populace from the misery and death that swept through Europe in the seventeenth century.

All-Ireland Réadóirí Finals 2010

The Réadóirí Talent Competition is co-ordinated by the national leisure committee and brings the nations budding talent to the stage and produces a very high standard of competition.

Eglish Pioneer Centre

Pioneering  & the Community

Over 150 people attended a very successful “Pioneering and the Community” event which the Eglish Pioneer Association, Northern Ireland ran last month.