Private Members Draw

Pioneer Association

Private Members Draw 2009/2010

The first draw will take place on Wednesday, 18th November 2009. Membership is €7/£7 sterling per month, or €40/£40 sterling for six months.

Draw ends in April 2010

Promoters' cards are available from Central Office.

Eleven names on each card.

One free line for the promoter of a full card. Pioneer readers and their friends can also join by sending their subscription of €40/£40 sterling to Pioneer Central Office, 27 Upper Sherrard Street, Dublin 1.

Prizes each month

First Prize: €1,200

Second Prize: €400

Third Prize: €200

Fourth Prize: €100

6 Promoter's Prizes of €40

Draw Cards are available from Central Office by telephoning (01) 874 9464