The Sacred Heart of Jesus

The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Dear EWTN, Thank you for your programming on the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is very beautiful and spiritual. – Lori, USA

Fr. Bernard does a wonderful job explaining how this devotion came about, and it is so nice to see Paray-le-Monial where the apparitions took place. – Marianne, USA

Thank you for this very interesting series on the Sacred Heart with Fr. Bernard. I’m learning so much about the visionary and others involved in the origin of this devotion. This is one program I look forward to watching. I do hope this will be available on DVD after its initial run. – Oscar, Texas

Thank you, Father, for your priesthood and thank you, EWTN for this episode. God used it at the precise time of personal crisis to answer prayer! – Denise, USA

I’m taking the opportunity, after watching the new program on the Sacred Heart, to share. The program was inspiring, educational and it was practical that the priest gave his testimony: such a profound journey he had too. – Belinda, California