Pioneer Association Elects New President

robertshannonToday (Thursday 23 February 2012) Robert Shannon won  the Pioneer Association’s presidential election. Today’s result marks Robert’s second win in the Pioneers’ presidential race. He was first elected President in 2009.

Speaking on behalf of the Association, Pioneer CEO, Padraig Brady, said:

“On behalf of the Association, may I congratulate Robert on his re-election as President of the Association.  Robert’s previous presidential experience gives him a unique insight into the requirements of the post. Robert has been a steady, unifying force in the Association. I wish him all the best with his re-election and look forward to working with him in the years ahead.”

Robert has been an active member of the PTAA since childhood and comes from a strong pioneering tradition.  Until his previous presidential appointment, Robert was head of the Durrus-based branch of the Association in West Cork.
Robert’s new term in office runs until 2015