Feel the Benefits of the Pioneer Pledge – Pioneer Association Appeals to Public To Consider their 2012 Lenten Pledge

This Ash Wednesday (22 February 2012) the Pioneer Association is inviting members of the general public to take up the Association’s traditional Lenten pledge.

The Pioneer Lenten pledge is a short-term pledge that can be taken for the six weeks  of Lent during which takers choose to abstain from alcohol and to recite the Pioneer prayer or reflection twice daily.

Speaking at the launch of the Pioneer Lenten Pledge 2012, Padraig Brady, Pioneer  Association CEO said:

“We would encourage as many people as possible to take up this year’s Lenten  pledge.  Many of us who enjoy alcohol in moderation also like to periodically quit alcohol. For many people, Lent can be the one time of year when they  stop drinking alcohol for a limited period of time.

“Some people take the pledge to detox from alcohol and also to create more space to think about their drinking habits.  For others who take part in the Pioneer Lenten pledge it can be a time when they offer up their own commitment to try and help somebody close to them who may be struggling with an alcohol or drug abuse problem. Regardless of what motivates somebody to take the pledge, this Lent the Pioneer Association welcomes anyone wishing to give up alcohol for Lent.”

The Pioneer Lenten pledge is one of a series of short-term pledges  the Association runs during the year. Traditionally the pledge is run during Lent and Advent. However, the Pioneers’ short-term pledge can also be made at any time of someone’s choosing.

Further information on the Pioneer Lenten pledge is available from