Think Before You Drink- Pioneers’ 2011 Lenten Call

Today, Ash Wednesday (9 March 2011)  The Pioneer Association are inviting members of the general public to reflect on their drinking habits during this Lent.

Commenting at the launch of the Pioneers' Lenten message, Pioneer Association CEO, Padraig Brady said:

 “ Lent 2011 takes place at a time of serious economic hardship for Irish people. The financial pressures being  placed on people  can lead us to try and find relief or escape from the strain of day to day living by drinking too much alcohol. This Lent we are appealing to people to try and find time to think about their drinking habits which may be coming under increasing pressure as a result of the current recession.

“The Pioneers are not anti-alcohol, but we would remind people of the dangers of engaging in alcohol abuse. We know only too well that drinking to excess compounds existing stresses and strains and, if anything, exacerbates problems with which we or our family members might be struggling.”
During Lent, The Pioneer Association encourages people to either cut down or to cut out their usual alcohol intake and to reflect on this experience of their relationship with drink.  Findings from those who previously took up this Pioneer Lenten invitation showed people became more aware of what prompts them to reach for a drink to relieve stress. Findings also showed people became concerned at the large "measures" they took when drinking at home. Some people found the health and economic benefits they noticed in themselves when they took up the Pioneer Lenten invitation was something they wanted to incorporate into their lifestyle on an ongoing rather than on an annual basis.

“Lent offers us an extended period of time when people can collectively come together  and set about taking on their own personal challenge for Lent. We would encourage people to consider taking up the Pioneer invitation this Lent and to drink less.”  added Mr. Brady. 

Last year, the Pioneer Association ran a similar challenge for Lent and it was well received and supported countrywide. The Pioneer Association has a network of centres countrywide, North and South. For further information on the Pioneers and their activities visit

Further Information: Orlaith O’Callaghan, Communications Consultant on Tel: 087 6385942.