Tribute to Michaela Harte McAreavey

Mrs Michaela Harte McAreavey
Requiescat in pace.

The shock waves that we all experienced on learning of the senseless murder of Michaela just days after her marriage to John McAreavey have barely yet subsided. As one of my colleagues said, it was experienced by thousands of people all over Ireland like a tragic death in the family. 

It will be hard ever to forget the sight of her father, Mickey Harte, accompanied by two of his sons as he faced the television cameras on hearing the terrible news. A man who has had to handle the glare of publicity following  both the ecstasy of sporting success as well as the  agony of defeat was asked to  deal with something on a completely other plane. As a man of faith, he spoke simply of “the Cross that has come to our family”. There was nothing more to say. Knowing the profound, tearful reaction of so many of us who had only a passing acquaintance with her or who had not known her name until that terrible day in January, gives us some idea of the depth of the trauma of those near and dear to her. Our prayers are still with them.

As an Association, it was a source of consolation to us to learn that her Pioneer Pin,  which she always wore faithfully, featured prominently in her Requiem Mass.

Heart of Jesus, Delight of all the Saints, Be her salvation.

Bernard J. McGuckian S.J.
Central Spiritual Director P.T.A.A.