Drink less this lent 2010

Temperance Sunday Call from Pioneers : Drink Less Alcohol this Lent

On Temperance Sunday (14 February 2010) the Pioneers will launch their 2010 Lenten campaign  and will call on people to think about their relationship with drink and to drink less alcohol during Lent.

The Pioneer Lenten message is offered to anyone over 18 years of age who drinks alcohol but the Association is specifically targeting half of all Irish drinkers, that’s 4 in 10 women and 7 in ten men, who research findings show have a harmful pattern of drinking alcohol.

Commenting in the lead-up to the Pioneer Lenten campaign, Pioneer Association CEO Padraig Brady said:

“Our Lenten message is simple: we are not anti-alcohol but we are inviting people to drink moderately or, alternately, to give up alcohol this Lent. We hear daily about worrying trends in alcohol dependence and abuse: drink-driving related offences increased by 74% between 2003 and 2007 and between 61,000 and 104,000 children aged under 15 in Ireland are estimated to be living with parents who misuse alcohol. 

“These statistics will continue to grow unless we stop and think about our relationship with alcohol. Lent offers us an extended period of time when people can collectively come together  and set about taking on their own personal challenge for Lent. We would encourage people to consider taking up the Pioneer invitation this Lent and to drink less.”   

The Pioneer Association has a network of centres countrywide, North and South. For further information on the Pioneers and their activities visit www.