CEO Christmas Message

Chief Executive’s Christmas Message 2009

Christmas is a time of birth, wonder, sharing and prayer. I am writing this message at the start of December and many of us, Pioneers included, are already busy preparing for the Festive Season.

In the lead-up to Christmas, it can be difficult for Pioneers, as with everyone else, to find or take space and time to think of the real values that matter at Christmas- caring, sharing and praying- in whatever form that might take for us.

For Pioneers, Christmas is a cherished religious event. Christmas is also a time when Pioneers right across the globe come together as we pray for people who may be struggling with alcohol or drug abuse and addiction. We understand that Christmas can bring added pressure for people trying to live their lives while also coping with their dependence on alcohol or drugs. Pioneers think of those amongst us who are challenged by their own or another’s dependence on alcohol and/or drugs.

We pray for them today and every day but particularly on Christmas Day.

May I wish all Pioneers a Happy Christmas and we remind anyone affected by alcohol abuse that you are not alone. Why not visit us @