Young Pioneer events

young pioneer at a sporting event

The National Youth Committee plays a vital role in the life of the Pioneers, designing and organising some terrific events to foster the energy of the Young Pioneers.

Young Pioneers then learn about responsibility which is integral in every young person's personal development. Young Pioneers get involved with their local centres activities. Often they form Youth Committees and these are represented at all levels from local, regional, diocesan, provincial and national.

Even for the young people who are not in a position to get involved in committees or activities, the Young Pioneers are still a support. By being a Young Pioneer the person knows that they are one of several thousand Young Pioneers in Ireland who have made the decision for an alternative lifestyle.

The Pioneer National Youth Committee

The Pioneer National Youth Committee has a central role in the Pioneer Association. Formed of 20 Young Pioneers aged 16 to 27yrs, 5 from each province it coordinated a number of activities from the Pioneer Sports, National Ball, Activity Weekends and the Art Competition. More importantly they are represented on the Pioneer Associations Board Of Management where they discuss the issues of the day from a young person’s perspective and experiences. Many of the former members of the Youth Committee have gone on to have important roles in the Association from local to International level. Click here for the current National Youth Committee.

Youth weekend

The Youth Activity Weekend is a most exciting and memorable experience for Young Pioneers all over Ireland.  It is Educational and Recreational, dealing with modern issues relating to Young People whilst keeping the activities as fun based as possible.

Highlights include:

  • Over 200 Young Pioneers socializing and learning together.
  • Talks from well-known personalities and professionals.
  • Workshops and Training Groups.
  • Rose Competition, Sports, Discos, Team Activities.
  • Fully supervised with opportunities for Youth Leadership.

Click here for an account of the 2008 Youth Weekend.

Art Competition

The Art Competition was introduced by the National Youth Committee in 2004 and has proven popular in both primary and secondary schools throughout the country.

The quality of the art entries has resulted in the publication of a yearly Wall planner featuring the winning entries from each age category. The wall planner is available to order from Central Office.

There are 3 Age Categories: 8-12 yrs, 13-15 yrs, and 15+ yrs.

The following list is the categories for the Art competition:

  • Drug Abuse/Underage Drinking and Spirituality
  • Young Pioneers é Cultures
  • Sport and Alternative Lifestyle